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Richard Armitage’s Characters Calendar 2014, Third version, part one. (Part 2 here)

4 characters in 3 months, Version 2: John Porter, John Thornton, Guy of Gisborne and Lucas North.

After this one, I have two others to finish and to publish but I’m afraid I couldn’t do it before my return last week of January.

Like you surely had seen, some wallpapers (all in 1600*1200) are the same than in the others version but in a different month and others are entirely new.

If you want to have them in a different size, ask me for it and I will do it as soon as possible. If not, you can resize them simply with a software like Paint, Photofiltre… You only have to wrote the dimension you want and all will be good because the size I used is only an enlargement of the normal one. Hope I’m clear cause it’s really late and I’m not sure I’m understandable now ^^

But most of all, I really hope you will like this new one and the others. I worked so much on them that I really hope you will enjoy them as much as I did making them (well… not when they didn’t wanted to do what I wanted ^^)