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A Cue from the Old Vics “The Crucible”

"Ash", a piece of the soundtrack, thanks to Richard Hammarton.

Enjoy :)

Opening cue from The Old Vic’s “The Crucible”

Thanks to Richard Hammarton for allowing us to listen the music!

If we can’t see it, at least, we can imagine the atmosphere.

How I wish they make a video of the play! :(


As Youtube allows it now, here all Richard Armitage’s scenes as Paul Andrews from BTS episodes 1 to 6 except the mature ones in only one video.

Enjoy ^^

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This video has been made only for entertainment.


Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood BBC, 1.05)


Thanks to Perry, alias armitageagonistes, here a picture of Richard Armitage as John Proctor from The Crucible, I never saw before.

Weird pose for sure but so much intensity in the gaze.

Richard Armitage #ALSA IceBucketChallenge

This man is simply great ^^

"Tethered" chapter 14, a Guy and Marian’s fanfiction



  • Summary:

“Marry me now. Make it the last thing we do. Let’s steal that from them at least.” […] It was as if I could read Guy’s soul, and what I saw at this very instant made me make the gesture which changed the rest of our lives.

  • Notes of the Author:

This fanfic idea comes of the prompt I choose to do for the Bingo Ficathlon at the Robin Hood Fan Community forum.

The prompt was: "Marian accepts Guy’s proposal at the end of ‘Walkabout’, both thinking that Nottingham is about to be destroyed. It doesn’t happen. Now they’re both left wondering what’s next. Will Marian actually go through with the marriage this time? And if not, how in the world does Guy deal with the loss a second time?"

To explain the beginning of this fanfiction, I did a video “It’s Our Fight”. (You can see it at dolphen3’s channel on Youtube.)

English is not my first language. I want to thank deeply my beta-reader sahraobsessed for all her great work and the way she always find time to help me when I need it even if she is extremely busy!

Sorry for the delay but as you know, I really try and give you the best I can to please you.

As I said it here when I announced I finished to write this chapter, I really want to thank all of you for your patience with me, the constant support you give to me and your faithful interest for this story.

Without every one of you I would not have the strength to continue writting ; so this chapter is dedicaced to each of you as real thanks for your help!

Now, come back to the more important here: enjoy this chapter and please, don’t forget to review ;) and… Thanks again!

  • Chapter 14:

Guy took long steps down the corridor, wanting nothing more than to be done with the difficult conversation he was about have with the Sheriff. Guy turned to Allan and ordered him to stay outside their master’s door. His squire tried to argue, but the decisive stare he received in response made him reconsider his behavior and obey orders.

Gisborne braced himself, clenching his fists several times and steadying his breathing before opening the door. His face was blank, as it always was in presence of the Sheriff.

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Richard Armitage: The Esquire Magazine Photoshoot.

The video is simply incredible but Richard’s look at the end is simply… wow!


Richard Armitage as Lucas North, on the film set of Spooks.


Richard Armitage’s scenes as Dr Alec Track in The Golden Hour Part 3
Sorry for the delay… it took me awhile but finally, here part 3… enjoy ^^

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This video has been made only for entertainment.


Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood BBC, 1.09)

Thank you SO MUCH for your message, sweetie!

I knew something was wrong with the music as I was sure I recognized the composer’s style from another piece of his work and it didn’t fit with the name I found in the web at first…

So, the composer is Brian Tyler! Well, that’s explain everything for the music I found some resemblance with “Into the Storm” was “Timeline”, while score had been created by Brian Tyler.

Thank you for helping me to fix my mistake cause I really don’t like writting wrong things. But I was so in a rush when I wrote my review that I took the first informations I found without searching more.

Sorry for that. I’m changing the info on my review right now.

So, I just watched “Into the Storm”…

and I must admit that I really liked it!

Warning, there are some spoilers.

First of all, Richard Armitage is totally flawless, as always!! I found him as great as an actor as handsome as a man and tender as a father… 

The 2 hugs scenes between him and his sons (the first when they are together the three of them, the second when he hugs his eldest son at the end of the movie.) melted my heart, reminded me his father’s moments in Strike Back Origins or some of his most emotional hugs in “The Golden Hour" episode 4 or several moments when he played Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood BBC.

I laughed when my Mum answered me when I asked her if she found him handsome: “yes, he is… but… he is so young! He seemed so much older when playing Guy…” (Guy is her reference when talking about Richard ^^…  like me ^^)

Into the Storm is a great action movie with a lot of special effects some particularly incredible as the fire tornado… OMG, I’d seen before some images during the trailer but watching the whole scene on big screen with a so great sound, that was…. WAAAOHHH!!

The soundtrack is also amazing. I didn’t knew Robert W. Smith before but I really liked his job even if it reminded me of another movie soundtrack… I’m greatly annoyed as I can’t find the name… grrr

I really liked the story line and the characters. Even if the two jackasses brothers annoyed me at the end… well, until the last scene with them that made me laugh ^^

I appreciated the relationship between Gary and Allison. They work together to save Gary's son and their own life at the end. They become closer because of the events but even if they greatly appreciated each other, I liked the fact the writors didn't created a “love story” as in so many others movies…

They work together, have the same purpose: taking care of their children and making sure they are safe, appreciate to work together and maybe at the end they will decide to see them again but it’s not explain and I appreciate that.

No kiss only because the audience needs one, no great love declaration because it will help to sell more tickets, no rushed love relationship because it’s incredible in a movie that a man and a woman work together without being sentimentaly involved to each other…

The movie avoid those clichés and I’m glad of it!

I was moved too by the adieu Donnie and Kaytlyn record for their parents. It reminded me so many real moments when people did that… letting messages to their loved one knowing they will never see them again. It was a sad and beautiful moment.

Well, that is for all my first comment about “Into the Storm”. Maybe I will say more after having see it another time (in English this time I hope) or when I will have sleep on it.

But really, I am happy to have seen it and as always, great job Mr Armitage!

  • Edit:

Thanks to sahraobsessed, I can fix my mistake concerning the name of the composer of “Into the Storm" soundtrack.

It’s Brian Tyler. And I’m relieved because now I finally remember the soundtrack movie that I couldn’t put a name on. It was “Timeline” wich was indeed created by Brian Tyler.

Sorry for my mistake. But now, it’s fixed ^^

Chapter 14 of Tethered is finally written ^^


Now, I need to re-read it again and to make it re-read by my wonderful beta-reader for she will have a lot of work fixing all my horrible grammar mistakes and mispellings ^^

After that, I will give the chapter to you as soon as possible.

I really want to thank all of you for your patience with me, the constant support you give me and the faithful interest for this story.

Without every one of you I would not have the strength to continue writting so this chapter is and will be dedicaced to each of you as real thanks for your help!



OMG! I’m so happy! I have reserved my ticket for the Premiere of “Into the Storm” or “Black Storm” in French!

Premiere is August Monday 11th at 8pm!

Of course, it’s not a big Premiere, it’s just on my city’s theatre but I’m so happy. I was so afraid it will not be on screen.

Can’t wait to see it! I just hope they will give the movie in Original Version too! So I could see it several times ^^