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Great… now I’m being harassed by porn review on my story on fanfiction.net…

It’s the first time that I see this and I really hope it will not continue!

7 messages in less than 10 minutes and some really harsh…

I reported them but I don’t know how it works and if really the admins on the site do something or not when a report is send…

It’s really a shame that we aren’t able to delete reviews, I mean when they come from a registered user…

Does anyone know how it works please?

I love my story and seing so horrid reviews on it really upset me!


lol ^^

I’m so happy you enjoy the jigsaws so much and really sorry to not have done more before.

I promise you I will try and amend as soon as possible.

BTW, what chaRActer would you particularly want for the next one? I will make it specialy for you as a thanks for you to be so kind and supportive with me :)

I’m waiting for your choice and thanks again :)

Welcome in September 2014!

Hope this month will be good to you and that those wallpapers will help you to enjoy it better!

What is your favorite BTW?

Richard Armitage dancing during summer 1991 with David Massey, Timmy Ward, and Heather Sargent.

Well, how I wish we could see more of him while dancing!

Thanks ArmitageAgonistes for the link :)

One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: LAMDA

I know, I know, it’s a while since I made a jigsaw puzzle but I have been so busy that I couldn’t do more.

I hope this one will make up for the delay.

Here the edit I made from the picture of Richard Armitage given by LAMDA, the London Drama school where he went.

I hope you will enjoy this jigsaw.

Remember, take your time and have fun, that’s the most important!

LAMDA: 30 pieces

LAMDA: 300 pieces

Thank you!

I’m so pleased you like it :)

Original Richard Armitage's picture from LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) before my edit ^^

Sorry, but as soon as I saw this amazing Richard Armitage's picture from LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art), I couldn't help but work on it.

I hope you will like what I did.

Background from Carllton at deviantart.


Guy of Gisborne and Lady Marian (Robin Hood BBC, episode 1.05)

Song Lyrics “On Fire” by Switchfoot

wallpaper 1600*1200


Guy of Gisborne and Lady Marian (Robin Hood BBC, 1.05)

wallpaper 1600*1200

Artist: Guy of Gisborne

Album: Robin Hood BBC, 1.07

Song: Turn Around


I think this is one of the moment when Guy’s voice is the deepest, both attractive and dangerous.

Enjoy ^^

Artist: Guy of Gisborne

Album: Robin Hood BBC, 1.05

Song: Good Day, my Lady


Just because…

A Cue from the Old Vics “The Crucible”

"Ash", a piece of the soundtrack, thanks to Richard Hammarton.

Enjoy :)

Opening cue from The Old Vic’s “The Crucible”

Thanks to Richard Hammarton for allowing us to listen the music!

If we can’t see it, at least, we can imagine the atmosphere.

How I wish they make a video of the play! :(


As Youtube allows it now, here all Richard Armitage’s scenes as Paul Andrews from BTS episodes 1 to 6 except the mature ones in only one video.

Enjoy ^^

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This video has been made only for entertainment.