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Thank you sweetie :) I’m really glad you liked the videos about TGH and Alec Track :)

Sorry to have been so long, but finally, I made the video about all the Philip Durrant's scenes. I hope it's what you had in mind and that you will like it :)

Here is the link to Youtube and here to Tumblr.



All Richard Armitage’s scenes as Philip Durrant from the Miss Marple’s episode: “Ordeal by Innocence”.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This video has been made only for entertainment.

@ mrsjohnstandring : I really hope you will like this video. I hope this is what you expected, sweetie :)

Don’t forget to sign up at http://digitaltheatre.com to receive info about The Crucible.

They will send you an email to subscribe to the pre sale registration of the play!

I don’t have more infos though. Don’t know when the play will be released or how much it will coast us.

But it’s already a great news, don’t you think as we didn’t think they will film it.

So, YEAHH that’s a great start!


Richard Armitage’s scenes as Dr Alec Track in The Golden Hour Part 4

You can find the 3 first parts on Youtube or here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This video has been made only for entertainment.

Enjoy ^^

Hi everyone!

Apparently, it seems we will be able to download “The Crucible” thanks to digitaltheatre.com.

Isn’t it great after all the time we asked it?

So please, don’t forget to sign up on digitaltheatre.com to be warned when “The Crucible” will be release.

Soon, I hope!

Have a great week-end everyone and enjoy this great news!

Artist: John Porter

Song: I'm a very good Boy


Well, who hasn’t melt when listening to this?

Well my dear, I had the same tough choice to do and I didn’t succeed.

So, I think you can call you lucky ^^

Here is the link to the post I made about the John Porter’s jigsaw

and here the link to the post with Lucas North’s jigsaw.

I hope you will like them cause I made those wallpapers and jigsaws specialy for you!

Enjoy my dear friend!

One Richard's Jigsaw per day: From Russia with Love

and here the one about Lucas North!

I hope you will like them :)

From Russia with Love: 30 pieces

From Russia with Love: 270 pieces

Have fun!

One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Call me Romeo

I promised to azseagal that my next jigsaw puzzle will be for her and asked her to choose the model.

She told me she wanted John Porter or Lucas North, her favorites…

So, like I couldn’t make a choice, here John Porter…

Call me Romeo: 30 pieces

Call me Romeo: 260 pieces


Lucas North (Spooks): “From Russia with love”.

wallpaper 1600*1200


John Porter (Strike Back Origins): “Call me Romeo”

wallpaper 1600*1200

Your wish is my command sweetie!

Chapter 14 of Tethered is now available on DF and I will post some chapters on RASF.

Sorry to have been so long to do it.

I really hope you will like this chapter. It’s a little different from the others and it’s Guy POV ^^

Happy reading my dear friend!

Great… now I’m being harassed by porn review on my story on fanfiction.net…



It’s the first time that I see this and I really hope it will not continue!

7 messages in less than 10 minutes and some really harsh…

I reported them but I don’t know how it works and if really the admins on the site do something or not when a report is send…

It’s really a shame that we aren’t able to delete reviews, I mean when they come from a registered user…

Does anyone know how it works please?

I love my story and seing so horrid reviews on it really upset me!


I have never heard of any registered reviews ever getting deleted on fanfiction. I wish people would get organized that when a writer says “help I need to remove this registered review”, they could jump and bombard the staff about inappropriate reviews.

Yes, I really love fanfiction.net but I find this point really upsetting.

I reported every reviews with the name of the author. Apparently, they banned him as when I wanted to block him the answer had been that this person was no longer on the site.

But concerning the reviews, none of the staff came to help me delete them and they didn’t do it either.

Yes, of course, now I have 7 more reviews on the total but believe me, I would really rather not!

It’s really a wrong concept to not be able to delete reported reviews… of course, like that you can’t delete reviews that you don’t like and it’s a good thing as sometimes smart criticism can help to improve our way to write.

But when a comment had been reported, that’s because it’s injurious or porn or because of a harassment. I find it really serious to be forced to keep this message because everyone can read it and believe me, the dirty things he published are really not to let in every hands… or my story is not rated “M” so a lot of person can read it and they can be totally offended by those reviews…

I’m really upset by this problem because we should be able to delete those kind of reviews and keep our “place” nice and cosy and not stained by some crazy people and dirty talk.

Waouhh! How enthusiastic you are! :D I hope you will feel the same when you will have read it :)

My fanfiction is called “Tethered" and I publish it on my Guy’s Blog, Passionate Soulmates and on Fanfiction.net .

For now, I am on chapter 14 but there is a LOT more to come… except that I can’t update as soon as I would like to but believe me, when I write it, I pour my whole heart in it.

I really hope you will like it as I’m caring to it as one to his “precious”. ^^

And please, if you read it, don’t hesitate to comment here or on Fanfiction.net like that I will know what you think of it. It’s important, gives strength and desire to go on and it helps to improve :)


lol at least, something good comes from this!

I’m really happy you like “Tethered” and I hope you will like the following chapters :)

And yes, definitely Guy deserves a great love story. I work a lot to give him one worth to him :)

Thanks for your support and your kindness.

And enjoy the story!